January 2024 Monthly Value Program

Read on for all campaign materials, uses, and instructions.

Calendar of Activities

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Marketing Materials

Step 1: Publish Useful Real Estate Info

Step 2: Send the Info to People You Know

Step 3: Share Social Videos

Step 4: Post Info on Social Media

Step 5: Follow Up with Individual Messaging

Bonus Step: Supplement Your Online Marketing

Publish the Blog Post

The Blog Post is a 1200-1600 word article written to build your authority as a market expert and knowledgable professional in your industry.

The blog post has already been formatted and published on your behalf on the personalized marketing website included in your Marketing Club membership, called the AgentID Site. Click the button below labelled “View on AgentID Site” to access it.

To use the blog post on another site, review the instructions under “Download the Blog Post & Image.”

Click the links below to download the blog post file as a Microsoft Word document (which can be opened in any word processor). Open the downloaded file, then copy and paste the content into a new post on your site. 

We recommend using the below image as the featured image for the blog. You can download a “ready-made” version by clicking on the button that says “Download Image.” Or you can customize the image, colors, etc in Canva by clicking on “Customize Image.”

Blog Post File

Blog Post Image

Send the Info to People You Know

Email valuable information to your sphere to reinforce their awareness of you. The goal is to get them to click on the links you share, but the emails themselves should also share enough quality information that readers will get a good impression of your business expertise even if don’t click anything.

Use the Marketing Club email marketing tool, the Email Blaster, to send this month’s emails to your contacts list with minimal effort. We recommend sending the “Blog Email” first in the month, then the “Social Email.” Click on the links below to get started.

If you choose not to use the Email Blaster, you can still use the Monthly Value Blog Email Template. Click “Download the Email Templates” below for more detailed instructions.

NOTE: If this is your first time sending out an email campaign or you’re not sure that your contact will remember you, use the Re-engagement Letter Email Template instead.

Click the link below to download the MVP Blog and Re-engagement Email Templates file as a Microsoft Word document (which can be opened in any word processor). Open the downloaded file, then copy and paste the content into a new message in your chosen email service. 

Share Social Videos

Short, selfie-style videos are the most effective form of content you can post on social media today. And the good news is that all you need to make an effective social video is your smartphone and a well-lit area.

Click the buttons below to review the scripts and example videos for this month’s campaign. Then film your videos and use the captions to post them on Instagram Reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, or wherever you prefer!

For more tips on making effective short-form videos, review these Member Trainings:

This file below also includes a script for a longer, horizontal YouTube video. For more info on using YouTube for real estate, review these Member Trainings:

Click the links below to review example videos, download talking points and directions, and copy the social post captions for each of the selfie-style short-form video posts this month.

Get the Social Media Posts

Posting on social media builds your online reputation as a knowledgeable source of industry information. The more consistently you post quality info, the more the people in your market will start to recognize you as a real estate professional in their area… and eventually trust you with their business.

Facebook and Instagram are the largest social media networks today, and they are necessary components for any successful digital marketing strategy. Your clients are there, they expect you to be there, and if you’re not, it will reflect poorly on your perceived competence. 

We recommend that you post at least once a week to these platforms. Click the links below to get the graphics and captions for the posts released this month.

We recommend setting up a LinkedIn profile because the site very often ranks highly on search results for individuals, and it’s a way for prospects to evaluate your professionalism. Publishing the MVP LinkedIn article on your profile helps give prospects researching you a positive impression.

Click the link below for the LinkedIn article and post:

Pinterest boasts a large and engaged audience that could be a vibrant source of business… if you dedicate the time and energy to developing it as such.

We personally believe that your time is best spent on Facebook and Instagram first. Only after you’ve mastered those platforms should you consider adding others to your arsenal.

Click the link below for the Pinterest post and caption:

Follow Up with Personal Messages

Use these scripts to reach out to your connections and remind them that you can help them with any real estate needs they or their friends might have.

There are many ways to touch base with your network with these scripts. The Direct Message Script can be modified into a voicemail that you send directly to your contacts’ inboxes using a service like, or you could film a video to send over direct message. You could use the Phone Script as such, or try modifying it into a Facebook Messenger conversation.

Supplement Your Online Marketing

The 5-Step Real Estate Marketing System (which the MVPs help you implement) consists of today’s most effective digital marketing methods to grow your business. But obviously, there are more than five ways to stay in touch with your sphere and generate new leads.
Click the buttons below to learn more and download the assets.

Some reports suggest direct mail marketing can boost the effectiveness of a digital campaign by 3-7x!

We recommend first sending this post card to your contacts for whom you have a mailing address. If in your budget, you could then also mail this to your target farm area.

The link below opens a Canva template, where you can add your headshot and contact information, customize the postcard image and colors, and create the QR code that directs people to your blog post.

The Report is like a magazine article: professionally and graphically designed to be eye-catching and informative.

You can use the Report in many ways. It makes a great digital download offer to generate online leads. You can also print the Report to mail it out, include it in marketing packets to expired listings, or giveaway during open houses or other networking events.


The link below opens a Canva template, where you can add your headshot and contact information, customize the report image and colors, and edit the report text.


The link below contains the report as a ready-made PDF. You can add your contact information using Adobe Reader.

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