What do you think of adding a third column to the List to Sale slide in the Digital Listing Presentation to show what the discount brokers are doing?
     Good idea! However, consider creating a second slide with that data to prevent confusion. Stats aren’t easy for most people to digest, so try to make it as simple to understand as possible.
On the list / sale slide, what happens if you are lower than the average in your area?
     If you use your brokerage statistics, you’ll find that you are most likely always going to be above the area average. This is because the area average will include all sales from inexperienced agents, part-time agents, foreclosures, and discount brokers. However, if your brokerage’s stats are still worse that the area average, you should consider moving brokerages.
If I’m a solo broker should I ignore this slide?
     No way! This is too powerful a slide to ignore. If your stats aren’t up to par yet, work on cultivating them before you start using them in your presentation, but definitely incorporate it as soon as possible.
Where do you post a blog?
     On your website.
Over what period time do these stats cover usually?
     It depends on how quickly your market changes. If you’re in a fast-paced market, we recommend that you update your stats once a quarter. If your market is more consistent, then once a year should be sufficient. Ultimately, you’ll want to collect accurate data that presents you in the best light.
Are you using the final list price or original list price in a situation where there has been a price change?
     Either is fine, just make sure you’re consistent so that you can provide your clients with accurate data.
Do you customize this for each neighborhood prior to your listing appointment?
    No, we find that neighborhood-specific data is too much work without enough impact to justify the time spent. However, if you only work in one specific neighborhood, then you should focus on the stats in that area.
What do I do if I cover a really wide area that includes multiple towns?
     In general, we suggest that you get the stats from the metroplex so that you don’t spend too much time on collecting data. However, it depends on your area of coverage and your market.
When do you calculate the data by month?
     We get our information from the research center of a Texas university, so we update our statistics as they are released from that entity. 
Do you include every sale in every price range? What about short sales and foreclosure?
     Yes, absolutely. Your top priority should be accurate data for your area.
How do you get listing info from your brokerage?
     Just ask! This is definitely information that your brokerage should be keeping track of, so they should have it ready to provide to you.
What type of microphone did you use for your Market Update video? What software did you use to edit it?
    You can review our recommendations for video equipment and more here: http://bit.ly/1EA1V5s