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Thank you for choosing to stay in the Club for a little longer! You’ll receive an email from a team member shortly confirming your new bill date.Though things can’t be business as usual right now, you also can’t afford to let everything grind to a halt. The Club can help you keep your business thriving in this difficult time. Below are a few suggestions for how to make the most of your membership right now.

As a member of the Marketing Club, you get exclusive access to TWO small-group webinars a month. We call these “Member Training Sessions,” and they’re the best place to learn our newest and most innovative strategies for real estate. They’re also your chance to get your questions answered live!Things to know about the Member Training Sessions:

  1. They usually happen on the first and third Wednesday of each month (though we’ll give you plenty of notice if that changes)
  2. They’re always at the same time – 4pm ET / 3pm CT
  3. They’re recorded! People who register for a session will receive an emailed replay the same day as the live broadcast. Then the video and resources will be uploaded to the Training Library by the following Monday.

Click here to add the next Member Training Session to your calendar now.

P.S. (again) – We also host public training sessions on Thursdays at 12pm ET / 11am CT. You’re welcome to attend these if you’d like, but please note that they are not as detailed as Member Training Sessions and also include a sales presentation. You’d be better served looking through the Training Library!

The private Facebook group is where you can tap into the knowledge of your fellow Marketing Club members and ask their opinions about an ad you’re running or maybe a client experience you had. It’s also a good place to hand out referrals you have sitting on your plate, or to look for people who have referrals for your area.And if you’re looking for a like-minded agent near you to practice all the things you’re learning in the Marketing Club, the private group is definitely the resource you’ll want to explore.So click here to find the private Facebook group, then click “+ Join Group.” A Paperless Agent team member will approve your request shortly and you’ll be able to start posting in the group and looking through previous posts!If you’re already a member of the private group, make sure you utilize it! Read through recent posts to see what’s working for your peers right now, or ask for some advice about a particular struggle you’re having.

There’s plenty you can do right now to put yourself in a strong starting position when things return to normal. Things like strengthening your online presence and developing systems for automating your marketing will ensure that you have a streamlined and leak-proof way of finding and capturing new business.We call this process “becoming an expert agent.” An expert agent…

    • Doesn’t live the feast or famine lifestyle that plagues so many of us in the industry
    • Never has to worry about finding their next client because they have the systems in place to get clients on demand, and
    • Has an intentionally-crafted market presence that encourages people to trust them and place a premium on their expertise

Does this sound like what you want your real estate career to look like? Good news! All the tools you need to become an expert agent are included in your Marketing Club membership.

Click here to download the blueprint for utilizing those tools, and watch the video below for an overview of how it works.