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Now you’re ready to jump in and fully experience everything the Marketing Club has to offer! Do the following three things, and then click the button below to explore your Dashboard.

By now you should have received an email from us containing your login instructions. If you don’t see it, please whitelist our domain.The whitelist, or “safe sender’s list,” is simply list of e-mail addresses or domain names from which an e-mail blocking program (also called the Spam filter) will allow messages to be received. Adding us to your whitelist is the easiest way to make sure you’re always in the loop and not missing out on anything you’re paying for!The exact process for whitelisting an email address or domain varies depending on your email client (where you view your email messages). Click here for instructions for a couple of the most popular email clients.

P.S. – If you have multiple email addresses on file with us, things could get a little confusing. Send us a message now with a list of the email addresses to which you receive our communications, and indicate which of those you’d like to be your primary. We’ll get your account updated pronto!

Join us on the New Member Welcome Webinar! You’ll get an overview of the benefits of your membership, a walkthrough of the website, and a chance to get your questions answered in real-time. We conclude with a detailed getting started action plan.Things to know about the New Member Welcome Webinars:

  1. You can watch an immediate replay of the webinar at your convenience!
  2. OR you can register to attend our weekly live-supported webinar, which happens each Monday at 12pm ET / 11am CT.
  3. You can submit your questions to get quick support from our team.

Click here for the New Member Welcome Webinar.

The private Facebook group is where you can tap into the knowledge of your fellow Marketing Club members and ask their opinions about an ad you’re running or maybe a client experience you had. It’s also a good place to hand out referrals you have sitting on your plate, or to look for people who have referrals for your area.And if you’re looking for a like-minded agent near you to practice all the things you’re learning in the Marketing Club, the private group is definitely the resource you’ll want to explore.So click here to find the private Facebook group, then click “+ Join Group.” A Paperless Agent team member will approve your request shortly and you’ll be able to start posting in the group and looking through previous posts!