Facebook Dynamic Ads for Real Estate

About Facebook Dynamic Ads for Real Estate

  • There have been a lot of questions from Marketing Club members about the new Facebook Dynamic Ads for Real Estate
    • It’s a new product offering from Facebook that promises to automatically promote your home listings on Facebook


  • Facebook Dynamic Ads are not the right choice for everyone
    • You either need programmatic access to the Facebook API, or
    • You have to have a Business Manager account



  • You should only sign up for Business Manager if:
    • You have more than one person working on your Facebook and/or Instagram Marketing
    • You need to manage multiple Facebook or Instagram assets such as Facebook Pages, ad accounts, or apps
    • You use a vendor to help create, run, or manage your Pages or ads, but want you business to maintain ownership of all Pages, ad accounts and assets
    • You want control over access and permissions to your assets without attributing ownership to individuals who assist you business operations
    • You want to request access to other pages, ad accounts, and apps, or share your pages, ad accounts, and apps with other agencies


  • We do not provide training on Facebook Business Manager
    • Most people do not fit above criteria and it’s more complicated than it needs to be


Promote your listings on Facebook without Dynamic Ads using our Just Listed / Just Sold Facebook Ad Campaign.



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