Monthly Value Programs Roll Up Page

Encourage repeat and referral business with these done-for-you campaigns. MVPs include email templates, video and phone scripts, social media posts, designed newsletters, and more.

Newest Monthly Value Programs

The most recently released MVPs are listed here. Click the title of the campaign you’d like to use to access all the materials.

Evergreen Campaigns

Evergreen campaigns can be used throughout the year. They are the perfect choice if the newest MVP isn’t quite your style, or if you’d like to add in an additional campaign to your marketing for the month.

Campaigns for Home Buyers​

Campaigns for Both Sellers and Buyers


Find in the archive all the past MVPs, listed in reverse chronological order. Be aware when using MVPs from the archive that campaigns older than 3 months may not be relevant to today’s market. Use this section primarily for inspiration when creating your own campaigns.

Instructions for Using the Monthly Value Program